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Making Your Computer Rock-Solid

If you are like me, you might rely heavily on your computer for work everyday. Unfortunately, if you haven't reinforced your system with security software and system updates, your computer might not last forever. A few years ago, I was plugging along when my computer completely died. After spending hundreds of dollars on manufacturer repairs, a friend of mine who worked in computer services taught me a few tips. I want to teach you to make your computer rock-solid, so that you don't have to deal with surprise system failures and annoying glitches. After all, nothing is worse than a computer with problems.

The Advantages Of Using Microsoft Dynamics As A CRM

Microsoft Dynamics is a robust, feature-complete customer relationship management (CRM) platform that has a lot of advantages for any company. Developed over decades, the CRM solution blends advanced technologies with the features that its clients have come to expect.

Microsoft Dynamics is Integrated Into the Microsoft Suite

One of the major advantages to MS Dynamics CRM is that it's fully integrated into the Microsoft ecosystem. From Microsoft Word to Microsoft PowerPoint, the CRM solution can read and interact with a variety of Microsoft documents and files. This creates a document management system that is comprehensive and easy to manage and secure.

Microsoft Dynamics Provides for Teamwork and Collaboration

Employees can easily communicate through MS Dynamics, storing information that they need to share and leaving notes on files as needed. Microsoft has added teams and groups into its environment, to make it easier for team members to communicate with each other even if they aren't in the same office.

Microsoft Dynamics is Available On-Premise and on the Cloud

MS Dynamics allows for flexible deployment. You can deploy the solution on-premise (for a more secure solution) or on the cloud (for a more robust solution). There are even hybrid infrastructures that will let you do both, as you can keep some of your infrastructure on-premise and some of it on a cloud-based server. 

Microsoft Dynamics Provides Advanced Data Analytics

Microsoft's CRM solution provides for advanced data analytics, driven through machine learning algorithms. These analytics services are designed to give your business actionable insights regarding what it can do to improve its revenue and reduce its costs. From scoring leads to identifying areas for customer retention, Microsoft Dynamics can help in building your business.

Big data analytics and business intelligence are rapidly becoming something that companies need if they are going to remain competitive.

Microsoft Dynamics Has Social Media Integration

Microsoft purchased LinkedIn a few years ago, which gave it direct social media integration for the rest of its platform. Through this social integration, it becomes easier for employees to connect different individuals to each business, and to identify the decision makers within each company. Employees are able to connect with each other, vendors, and customers more easily through this system. 

These are only a few of the reasons why MS Dynamics is often considered to be a leader within the CRM industry. Demos are available if you're interested in finding out more about what a platform like Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service can do for you.