Making Your Computer Rock-Solid

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Making Your Computer Rock-Solid

If you are like me, you might rely heavily on your computer for work everyday. Unfortunately, if you haven't reinforced your system with security software and system updates, your computer might not last forever. A few years ago, I was plugging along when my computer completely died. After spending hundreds of dollars on manufacturer repairs, a friend of mine who worked in computer services taught me a few tips. I want to teach you to make your computer rock-solid, so that you don't have to deal with surprise system failures and annoying glitches. After all, nothing is worse than a computer with problems.

Network Security IT Solutions: Why Startups Should Use Them

If you've just started a company, you need to make sure network security is optimal from the very beginning. This can be hard if you don't have a lot of experience with cybersecurity and the threats that come with it today. Fortunately, you can always use professional IT solutions and benefit in a couple of key ways. Provide Education on Proper Email Security Protocols When your company deals with email, there is a chance of a cybersecurity threat. Read More 

Data Recovery: Situations That Warrant Professional Help

If your business revolves around data, it's important to know when you might need data recovery services. Data recovery refers to salvaging data from inaccessible, failed, damaged, or corrupted storage media if the data can't be accessed normally. Here are two situations when you might need help from a data recovery service. When Your Main Computer Crashes A computer can crash for various reasons, from hardware failure to software corruption. For example, a hard drive crash can occur when the disk platters are scratched or damaged, preventing the read/write head from accessing the data. Read More 

Repairing Your Smartphone

A smartphone can be one of the more expensive and important electronic devices that you may own. Unfortunately, there are many problems that could impact the performance of your smartphone or that may require the services of a professional technician to fully repair.  Sound Quality Issues The quality of the sound that is coming from your phone is an important attribute for allowing you to comfortably talk to others or to use the speakers on the phone to listen to movies or music. Read More 

Guide For Companies Completing Software Localization

When you sell software to a foreign area, it has to go through a localization process because this is the only way to ensure optimal performance according to language and cultural factors. Your company can have success with software localization if it follows this straightforward guide. Hire a Skilled Development Team Your developers will be tasked with the most important parts of localizing a software program to work well in a particular area of the world. Read More 

Why Cable TV Is Still Worth Having

With the trend of more people cutting the cord these days in favor of streaming services for their television fix, you may be wondering if it's worth having cable TV in your household. Here are some reasons why cable TV is still a good choice. Live Sports One area where many streaming providers are lacking is in their live sports offerings. While they may have plenty of your favorite shows on-demand, they don't have your favorite sports teams playing in real-time. Read More